Judgment Pelicano
Through a series of multimedia installations, I explore the agony and despair of our relationship with the natural world. My works represent different perspectives on environmental issues, from the viewpoint of animals to the coastal landscapes impacted by human activity. In particular, I focus on pelicans as symbols of judgment and ecological imbalance. Through my work, I call for absurdity and ask questions about the true cost of our convenience in the face of growing environmental threats such as extinction.
At the core of my art lies a concern for our changing relationships with space. Using soundscapes, film, and technological installations, I challenge viewers to question their habits and assumptions about the world around them. Whether examining fauna populations or exploring coastal communities touched by rising sea levels, my art invites audiences to reflect on their impact on our environment. Creating these kinds of sonic and visual experiences is a powerful way to come to terms with the cost of convenience and begin working towards a better future. So while my work may be full of despair and absurdity, it is ultimately a call for action and change. 
Judgment Pelicano: Impact
Sonic sculpture, CNC routed Ultra Light MDF, amplifier, speakers.
Judgment Pelicano: View
1920 x 1920, Single channel video, custom projection screen
48”x 48”x24.”
Judgment Pelicano: Drop
Multimedia performance: CNC routed Ultra Light MDF, ¼ in black rope, canvas, acrylic paint, AI text generated. 
Dimensions Variable