e-c-o-l-o-c-a-l-i-z-a-r [dentro de un cenote]

A site-specific video piece beaming through the skies of San Francisco.

Shoutout to the cave of Calakmul, where I record the 🦇. And, of course, all the guides who kindly supported my video practice every time I visited.

A big thanks to @jimcampbellstudio ~ Jim and Emma.

The bats are on all night at the sales force tower on the first weekend of September 2022 and all nights on September 12 am-1 pm.
e-c-o-l-o-c-a-l-i-z-a-r / a site-specific video art on bat's echo localization visual translations.
@unitedstatesofsouthafrica (Liz Maelane), @ti_michiko (Tina Kashiwagi), and I showed work from 8 pm until midnight on Friday, April 8th, through Sunday, April 10th, 2022.

A big shoutout to @jimcampbellstudio, who hosts a program of students and emerging artists within his art at the top of the Salesforce tower titled Day for Night. And faculty/mentor Gail Wight 🔥