Campeche Film Festival is on going international film festival produced by a group of people looking to increase the film production and cinematography culture in the South of Mexico.
Co-Founded with my sister Erika Novelo and our friends Lilibeth Moreno, Valeria Rodriguez, Sacnicté Novelo and Emilia Nah.

Campeche Film Festival has shown over 200 films to an audience of 7000 people, 10 conferences  and workshops. As of today a new team (Citlalli Sanchez, Angela Aviña et al.)  works to ensure the festival continue to create a needed space in my hometown Campeche. 
Consultant/Technology Director/Speaker/
¡Campeche Grita Cine!
360ª Video/Produced and Edited by Miguel Novelo /Assisted by Angela Aviña
Lead Producer/Technology Director/Programmer
Lead Producer/Technology Director/Content Producer/Programmer
Directed by Miguel Novelo/Campeche Film Festival / Cineminuto
Lead Producer/Technology Director/Content Producer/Programmer