"Chupaflor: Whistling; Dog Spirit, Aqui"

Interactive installation: Clay, microphone, custom software, projection, single channel audio, generative video.

I feel my soul fleeting when whistling. I whistle, call, whistle, linger in the past. Wind, sound, sound from our soul. Melding past, present. Time elongated in the message.

'Aqui' anchors us in the now.

'Chupaflor' is the colloquial name for hummingbirds in my home; my grandma tells me that the hummingbird is a visit from the dead. The perished loved ones.

By whistling, we become a visitor, invoking timeless acts of communication. Wind calling, whispers of wisdom, visits from the living, visits from the dead. As visitors, we invoke, through whistles, we become conduits, interwoven narratives, inhibitors of story, new threads connecting us across ages, among others, nostalgia critters. 
Whistling conjures the guiding dog in lost space beyond the pixel mass.
Taking us back to the body. Back to care, back to eternal memory.
Installed at SOMARTS The Hummingbird’s Visit: Día de Los Muertos 2023 

Curated by Rio Yañex and Bridget Rex