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Judgment Pelicano: Drop
Ultralight MDF, rope, bungee cords, 32-inch TV screen, C-Stand, power cable, CGI animation, stereo Sound. TRT 12:00 min
The Pelican Judge has seen it all: our mistakes, our ambitions, and our desire for more. They've watched us navigate through the bleak concrete jungles of despair.  <The wind rushes past me as I soar over the cityscape. The buildings grow smaller, and I lose the sense of the presence. A house in the ocean, where I can see humans go by mechanical horses>
Uniting a pelican dummy's poignant form with a floor screen displaying turbulent waters. The pelican's body, gracefully suspended, creates a haunting spectacle, evoking contemplation on the fragility of life and the environmental havoc we wreak.
Witness this suspended pelican. <Together, bird and human, human>.
Judgment Pelicano
Snap Lens, Augmented Reality Filter
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