Judgment Pelicano: Drop
Ultralight MDF, rope, bungee cords, 32-inch TV screen, C-Stand, power cable, CGI animation, stereo Sound. TRT 12:00 min
The Pelican Judge has seen it all: our mistakes, our ambitions, and our desire for more. They've watched us navigate through the bleak concrete jungles of despair.  <The wind rushes past me as I soar over the cityscape. The buildings grow smaller, and I lose the sense of the presence. A house in the ocean, where I can see humans go by mechanical horses>
Uniting a pelican dummy's poignant form with a floor screen displaying turbulent waters. The pelican's body, gracefully suspended, creates a haunting spectacle, evoking contemplation on the fragility of life and the environmental havoc we wreak.
As visitors witness this suspended pelican, a profound sense of responsibility takes flight, urging us to acknowledge our impact on the planet. The act of "dropping" and "hanging" symbolizes the weight of our choices, the urgency to uplift, and the courage to confront our destructive tendencies. <Together, bird and human, human> we face the gravity of our actions.
Judgment Pelicano
Snap Lens, Augmented Reality Filter
Experience hosted on Snapchat