My work tools are light and sound, as I often reconstruct cinema to create new experiences for the viewer. My subject matter gravitates towards the human landscape, which I explore through fiction. I create experiences for the viewer that showcase their own relationship as the “spectator” and “the art." To see and be seen 👁️‍🗨️.  

I'm interested in researching the role of viewership and media to find innovative ways of communication, which could foster close and supportive networks.
I believe community communication has the potential to reform and shape culture. I’m an advocate of speculative design to envision new opportunities for action and progress by creating spaces where we can empathize with others.  I use characters and environments with the freedom of spontaneity to convey realism, which creates an empathic, universal point of view. Through expanded cinema, performance, installation and new media art, I’m exploring the open-ended idea of Mexican futurism.
Profile States, 2018