artist statement
immersive and expanded moving image experiences. I’m interested in the contemporary use of language, translations, and participatory storytelling. I create experiences for the viewer that showcase and amplify, a cooperative relationship between the “spectator” and “the art”— to see and be seen.
To create empathetic universal points of view, I use free and spontaneous characters and environments, to heighten the viewer’s experience as a spectator. Through my work as a mediator, artist, and cultural producer, I aim to amplify and compose new forms of communication created in digital and tangible spaces. My practice revolves around missing the point. A decay in languaje, (where you no longer question la jota. Where I highlight the anamorphic/unknown identities—to allow free form communication and access a wider perspective. Con el uso de diferentes medios e investigación de medios emergentes, intento transmitir historias, sentimientos y mensajes de los otros. De manera que mi producción genere una nueva visión en el espectador y la audiencia. 
bodiless migration 20 [in hyperspacetime]