artist statement
#decode, simulate, adapt!

Through my recent work, I explore anachronistic dialogues, translations of landscape, and the space in memories. I rely on time-based media that holds and juxtaposes expanded cinema, sculptures, performance, and interactivity.

My work is a humorous invitation to understand the evolution and decay in language, (pause, breath, back to reading) be at peace in mistranslations and simulations, and pay attention to geo-diverse stories. A never-ending resolution in examining identity and space—search meaning in foreign environments. 

Last year while sheltering in place, I made bodiless migration 20 [[in hyperspacetime]], a three-panel animation that showcases the journey of an avatar that migrates to a simulated world—peaceful, full of possibility, and borderless.

In a borderless world, it is easier to see everybody standing on the same rock.

This sentiment has stirred my work to geopolitical and cybernetic space—bridges between computer-generated landscapes and personal thoughts. As a result, I made anthropocenic sculpture: Chicxulub, the first of a series of sonic sculptures. A trace of topographic space that has gone through a fast change, allowing human landscape development to occur. The sculpture can be activated by voice control: “Alexa to turn on the sculpture”. Then, a loud and unpleasant sound fills up space. 

In a moment of sonic discomfort by the high-pitched alarming sound, the spectatorship confronts the detrimental impacts of human-centric existence and perhaps even empathizes with others.
bodiless migration 20 [in hyperspacetime]
These are my working ideas and the ever-changing writing space.
Why I do art/how I do art. 

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, and I'm on a never-ending quest to master techniques through collaborative opportunities. I gained my video skills when I was a teenager with YouTubers as teachers, forum posts, and blogs on the internet. Today, new media is just a continuation of my DIY and alternative learning experiences. I find an equal language barrier in new media, and I gain access to privileged spaces and media control. In experimental media, I see power, and once I achieve that power, I can redistribute, share and break barriers.

Curiosity is critical when one has to dive into new knowledge, fearless, and naive drive to learn something new. In science journals, papers, and research, I get inspiration to tell/express untold stories in unknown spaces. I enjoy expressing myself in ways that I haven't heard or seen before. I reject the homage, and I embrace the surprise.
In the unexpected, we can move previous static states of mind. In the unexpected, we can draw our imagination to places that were not accessible before. In this search for random, I've been researching live streaming as a form of art. Live streaming is a fleeting digital performance that combines television, theater, and film practices with internet platforms and physical venues. Generate moments and happenings of synchronicity and displacement for captive audiences. 
Today I believe our desire for the "authentic" allows live-stream media to pause our state of disbelief and allows our natural truth bias to capture our attention. Our interaction with the now creates an intimate relationship between the masses and individuals. Thus telepresence will enable us to be far from each other, and it is also capable of bringing us closer than ever before. Our output of constant data streaming and live consumption allows us to be situated in many places simultaneously, accelerating our perception of time. This immediacy allows the sender and recipient to be present simultaneously in a third place, the image projected on the other end.

In the search for engagement, I use interactivity to invite the viewer to participate in the exhibition/experience. Engagement can disarm the audience—I use that moment to inject ideas, metaphors, and different perspectives into the mental spectrum of the audience and participants of my exhibitions—engagement as a tool to highlight form and liveliness—moments of reflection, inner sight, future visions, and active retrospective. 

Culture Change
Curiosity sparks many ideas and prompts me to listen and search for knowledge, which has to lead me to embrace interdisciplinary skills. My previous experience and my years in Campeche allow me to acknowledge the power in oneself and, more importantly, the collective power. Whether I'm collaborating or learning from someone, this power has allowed me to deal with the unexpected. And in the unexpected, I find the motivation to move forward in research and expression. To defy the status quo, share knowledge, embrace collective learning, and understand each other as one. I believe I do art to facilitate perspectives, mediate communication between others, and express my feelings and ideas. I aspire to be a culture-changing agent that shares knowledge, represents diverse voices, and shapes our culture.