murmur, murmur, murmur,
Video projection installation, hand control visuals.
Shown at Headlands for the Arts at the Gym for the show Echo Echoes, a two-person show with Joshua Moreno.

Eagerness to control, orchestra of movement. Symbiosis of motion. Becoming murmur.

In "murmur, murmur, murmur," the interaction between the participant and the projected birds creates a unique and immersive experience. The participant connects with the digital murmurations by holding a hand in the air, guiding their movement while simultaneously adapting to their flow. This reciprocal relationship highlights a complex interplay of control and cooperation.
Directing the birds is not simply a one-way assertion of control; it requires the participant to be attuned to the rhythm and patterns of the birds' movement. In doing so, the participant becomes an integral part of the system, blurring the lines between the controller and the control. The resulting symbiosis of motion emphasizes a harmonious coexistence, where the distinction between the participant and the projected birds becomes less defined, and they move as one entity.
This interaction invites reflection on the nature of control, influence, and interconnectedness in digital and natural environments. It suggests that true control may not lie in domination but in the ability to resonate and move in tandem with the surrounding world, creating a shared experience that transcends individual boundaries.

Shout out to @ileana.tejada and the starlings of Lake Merced.