Design by Arina Pozdnyak
Gallery: 120710 Gallery. 1207 10th St. Berkeley, CA.
Opening May 4, 2024 4-8 PM
Closing Jun 1, 2024
Gallery Director: 
Jonathan Bachrach

Miguel Novelo
Hallucination: “Gustav Metzger” once challenged, 'Art must be at the cutting edge of technology, but in reverse. Art should question the presence of technology in our lives and its invisible but profound impact on our behavior and ethics.
"Blooming Hallucination: Technology as Nature" challenges the traditional narrative that views technology as a dominating force, separate and superior to the natural world. This show presents a different perspective, positioning technology as a part of nature, not an alien imposition.
"Blooming Hallucination" prompts a critical reassessment of technology's role. Rather than celebrating technological tools as solutions, it explores how these tools can be reimagined to coexist, develop narrative, and delve into our understanding of what is natural.
Artists from diverse backgrounds, including New York, Los Angeles, New Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula, Portland, California, Toronto, the Bay Area, Hawaii, and the Ural region, bring this concept to life using new media and engaging with environmental, cosmic, animal, cybernetic, and post-human themes. Their works encourage a reflection on our relationship with technology in relationship with nature, emphasizing the need for thoughtful integration rather than unchecked advancement.
This exhibition invites viewers to reconsider the role of technology, seeing it not as the pinnacle of human achievement but as one element in a broader ecological conversation. It advocates for a future where progress is measured by our ability to sustainably integrate with the natural world.