bodiless migration 20 [[in hyperspacetime]]

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bodiless migration 20 [[in hyperspacetime]]. An avatar allows me to engage in a Frankensteinesque or stepped-made world. Each panel tells a story: 1 the discovery of a lack of body and search for the internet; 2 the quest to find the internet; 3 re-building the body lost in space, lost in the infinite. Using 3D rendering, machine learning animations, undersea footage, zoom screen captures, drawings, and chroma key compositions, I composed a new blue world full of simulation.
(ノ ˘_˘)ノ ζsimulationζ.
How can I travel far beyond my expectations with a body?
A simulation that questions the idea of life through a screen. Melancholy for touch is long gone. Time has allowed us to be interconnected through electrical currents/pulses of electricity. More than ever, we can reach things beyond our scope of communication to create newer bodies, empathies, and stories. To achieve hyperspace time, a moment where we stop feeling both time and space due to moving in space fast enough that we do not feel it anymore. A long car ride, a plane ride, falling, browsing eternally.  
I channel moments of non-lucid practice on this project, where I lead the medium to evolve and dictate. To come back and capture the world constructed. Childhood virtual experiences such as Pokemon Snap and Reboot come to mind when thinking about bodiless migration 20.

bm.20.ih is a triptych that tells a story of one's death and revival. Bodiless soul moving through space and time. Our bodies are gone while engaging in our interconnected screen. A mind without a body could be a horrible place for some. Still, in those moments of fast movement, I believe we can engage in deeper minimal and complex intersections; empathetic dialogues render infinite possibilities—a very contradictory mindset, very human. To be even more cybernetic, go hyper spacetime, to become more human. 
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