bodiless migration 20 [[in hyperspacetime]]

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bodiless migration 20 [[in hyperspacetime]] is a direct response to my engagement in our current reality. An avatar allows me to engage in a Frankensteinesque or stepped-made world. Each panel tells a story: 1 the discovery of a lack of body and search for the internet; 2 the quest to find the internet; 3 re-building the body lost in space, lost in the infinite. Using 3D rendering, machine learning animations, undersea footage, zoom screen captures, drawings, and chroma key compositions, I composed a new blue world full of simulation.

(ノ ˘_˘)ノ ζsimulationζ.

A simulation that questions the idea of life through a screen . Melancholy for touch. Time has allowed us to be interconnected through electrical currents/pulses of electricity. More than ever, we can reach things beyond our scope of communication to create newer bodies, empathies, and stories.
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