Rock Series
( ꈍᴗꈍ)
What is our rock today? Understanding our mediated-selfs is our daily bread. Somehow we lost the chance to alternative interactions. Now we can only understand each other through illuminated pixels. The inevitable reality is the intertwined media with identity (◔‿◔), here I'm actually smiling.
Below is an installation view of my latest series of artwork: sculptural screens, interactive PDFs, photogrammetry, and 3D modeling. 
Lectura de Roca (Rock lecture) 
Single-channel HD video loop, 20in monitor, rock
Lectura de Roca 2 (Rock lecture 2)
Single-channel HD video loop, 50in screen, MDF, 3D prints
Inspired by the living rhetoric of praising the language, I created an illusion of shiny little people praising the rock. Sediments of time, carved to create a story. Each character revolves around different ideas of understanding. Eternal loop only to be disrupted by lack of electricity. The characters are forever grounded on endless liminal motions, never to awake from the enchantment of the language they know.
Óox! 3 en #Maya
Single channel HD video loop, 50in TV screen
Language & Stone
NOOK Simple Touch ©, PDF files
ON LOC (2018)
Collaboration with Stephanie Smith 
Installation: 3D print, Microphone, Screen, Computer.
ON LOC is collaborative project that translates language and verbal communication into
symbolic, visual gestures. In this interactive installation, viewers are invited to speak into the sculpture and watch their words, sounds, and phrases transform into vibrant visuals. Musing on the semantics of self-expression and human connection, this installation playfully explores a “line of communication” through a generative form of metacommunication.
Traducciones.1 (2018)
Screen, Video, Wood, 3D Print
As a heavy user of the camera in my practice, photogrammetry is a perfect fitting technique to get close to sculpture making. The video source is composed of people in motion from my hometown Campeche. By diffusing the light of the people I managed to condense their photo luminance and use their light from their bodies into my sculpture. I translated my home into the light to then light my path and surroundings.