The waves rolled gently along the shore of the beautiful coastline. 
On the rocks, a small dog perched, watching the horizon with her intense gaze. 
She had heard the stories her human had told her, that she was an excellent swimmer and could venture out farther than most. 
Today it was time for her to venture into the depths of the sea. 
She had witnessed her slipping quietly into the water earlier, and with an indomitable spirit, she had followed her, disregarding her sensible canine instincts. 
The sun was immediately replaced by a deep dark abyss, seemingly unfathomable. 
As the little dog swam, she felt a warmth emanating from the depths, drawing her closer and closer to her beloved. Finally, she felt his feet lightly brushing against the rock-covered ocean floor. She felt a sudden chill as she looked around. 
Her eyes caught a glimpse of her long human black hair, and she swam towards her with all her strength. With tears brimming in her eyes, the little dog embraced her beloved owner with gentle strength. 
Her journey underwater was over, but the bond between the dog and her human would last for eternity.